Aadhar Face Recognition | New Feature Facial Authentication for Aadhar

UIDAI has introduced a new feature for Aadhar “Face Recognition”. This feature will help all the people who have issues with other biometric verifications. According to the news sources, this new feature will be available from 1st July 2018. Face Authentication will be allowed on a need basis. UIDAI said the new face authentication feature will help those people who are not able to biometrically authenticate.

Aadhar Face Recognition

What is Facial Authentication and How it works

Currently, UIDAI is using two biometric features for authentication one is Finger Print and other is Iris authentication. This feature is useful for the citizens who are not capable of verification by any of these two methods. Soon UIDAI will provide software development kits to the various operating system that will be able to capture the face images, check animateness and to create encrypted authentication input.

The face authentication Feature will be useful for the citizens who are old age and their fingers have been worn out due to hard work. This feature will work only with one of the authentication factor “Iris Authentication” or “Fingerprint Authentication”.

Aadhar Virtual ID

Earlier UIDAI has also stated that soon they are going to release the Aadhar Virtual ID due to security concerns. Aadhar Virtual ID is a 16 Digit number that can be created by the Aadhar Holder. Aadhar Virtual ID can be generated any numbers of Time. By the use of Aadhar Virtual ID People will not have to provide their AAdhar Number to any service provider. They can give them Aadhar Virtual ID number for the authentication.

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