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The Synonyms & Antonyms form an integral part of General English. Acquaintance with the vocabulary of General English is a necessity for effective expression either in the competitive written. A synonym is nothing but the similar meaning of a particular word or its semantic relation.

So, it is a word or a phrase that means the same as another word or a phrase in the same language. Antonyms are negative or opposite of a particular word. An Antonym is a word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to a particular word or a phrase in the same language.

Download Synonyms and Antonyms pdf for competition exams

शब्द Word Synonym Antonym
रोक-थाम करना Abate Moderate, Decrease Aggravate, Supplement
अधम Abject Despicable, Servile Commendable, Praiseworthy
त्यागना Abjure Forsake, Renounce Approve, Sanction
निष्फल Abortive Vain, Unproductive Effectual Productive
दोषमुक्त करना Absolve Pardon, Forgive Compel, Accuse
रूखापन Acrimony Harshness, Bitterness Courtesy, Benevolence
अटल Adamant Stubborn, Inflexible Flexible, Soft
पक्षपाती Adherent Follower, Disciple Rival, Adversary
धिक्कारना Admonish Counsel, Reprove Approve, Applaud
विपत्ति Adversity Misfortune, Calamity Prosperity, Fortune
विदेशी Alien Foreigner, Outsider Native, Resident
निराकरण करना Allay Pacify, Soothe Aggravate, Excite
कम करना Alleviate Abate, Relieve Aggravate, Enhance
फुसलाना Allure Entice, Fascinate Repulse, Repel
बढ़ाना Amplify Enlarge, Extend Lessen, Contract
घृणा Antipathy Hostility, Aversion Admiration, Fascination
कलंक लगाना Arraign Charge, Blame Exculpate, Pardon
धृष्टता Audacity Boldness, Arrogance Mildness, Cowardice
विश्वसनीय Authentic Genuine, Reliable Fictitious, Unreal
अजीब Awkward Clumsy, Rough Clever, Apt
चकरा देना Baffle Frustrate, Perplex Compose, Facilitate
बर्बर Barbarous Uncivilized, Savage Cultured, Humane
Show display, exhibit, present, note, point to, indicate, explain, reveal, demonstrate, expose
कृपा Benevolence Humanity, Generosity Malevolence, Inhumanity
मोहित करनेवाला Bewitching Magical, Fascinating Repulsive, Repugnant
नाज़ुक Brittle Delicate, Fragile Tough, Enduring
हलचल Bustle Haste, Flurry Slowness, Quiet
आपदा Calamity Adversity, Misfortune Happiness, Fortune
कठोर Callous Obdurate, Unfeeling Compassionate, Tender
चुगली Calumny Defamation, Aspersion Commendation, Praise
सक्षम Capable Competent, Able Incompetent, Inept
बंदी बनाना Captivate Charm, Fascinate Disillusion, Offend
क़ैद Captivity Imprisonment, Confinement Freedom, Liberty
दंड देना Chastise Punish, Admonish Cheer, Encourage
संघर्ष Cease Terminate, Desist Begin, Originate
पवित्र Chaste Virtuous, Pure Sullied, Lustful
दया Compassion Kindness, Sympathy Cruelty, Barbarity
समावेश करना Comprise Include, Contain Reject, Lack
स्वीकार करना Concede Yield, Permit Deny, Reject
मिलना-जुलना Concur Approve, Agree Differ, Disagree
सहमति Consent Agree, Permit Object, Disagree
परिणाम Consequence Effect, Outcome Origin, Start
समेकित Consolidate Solidify, Strengthen Separate, Weaken
विशिष्ट Conspicuous Prominent, Obvious Concealed, Hidden
अपमान Contempt Scorn, Disregard Regard, Praise
विरोध Contrary Dissimilar, Conflicting Similar, Alike
शिष्ट Dainty Elegant, Delicate Clumsy, Coarse
क्षय Decay Collapse, Decompose Flourish, Progress
छल Deceit Deception, Artifice Veracity, Sincerity
समर्पित Dedicate Devote, Consecrate Refuse, Negate
विलंब करना Defer Prolong, Suspend Accelerate, Expedite
अशुद्ध Defile Contaminate, Pollute Purify, Sanctity
चुकाना Defray Spend, Pay Disclaim, Repudiate
जानबूझकर Deliberate Cautious, Intentional Rash, Sudden
स्वादिष्ट Delicious Palatable, Tasteful Distasteful, Unsavoury
ध्वस्त Demolish Ruin, Devastate Repair, Construct
वंचित Deprive Despoil, Divest Restore, Renew
उपहास करना Deride Mock, Taunt Inspire, Encourage
नीच Despicable Worthless, Shameless Worthy, Decent
तिरस्कार Disdain Detest, Despise Approve, Praise
विलक्षण Eccentric Strange, Abnormal Natural, Conventional
परमानंद Ecstasy Delight, Exultation Despair, Calamity, Depression
मिटाना Efface Destroy, Obliterate Retain, Maintain
ऊपर उठाना Elevate Dignify, Heighten Deprecate, Denounce
हटाना Eliminate Expel, Oust Restore, Accept
वाग्मिता Eloquence Expression, Fluency Halting, Stammering
भार Encumbrance Hindrance, Obstacle Incentive, Stimulant
एंडेवर Endeavour Undertake, Aspire Cease, Quit
विशाल Enormous Colossal, Mammoth Diminutive, Negligible
प्रतीक Epitome Precise, Example Increment, Expansion
गोलमोल Equivocal Uncertain, Hazy Obvious, Lucid
उन्मूलन Eradicate Destroy, Exterminate Secure, Plant
आदर Esteem Respect, Regard Ridicule, Spurn
सनातन Eternal Perpetual, Endless Temporary, Momentary
बचना Evade Avoid, Elude Acknowledge, Confront
स्पष्ट Evident Obvious, Apparent Obscure, Concealed
गढ़ना Fabricate Construct, Produce Destroy, Dismantle
लड़खड़ाना Falter Stumble, Demur Persist, Endure
कट्टर Fanatical Narrow-Minded, Biased Liberal, Tolerant
बढ़िया Fantastic Fanciful, Uncommon Ordinary, Normal
निर्बल Feeble Weak, Frail Strong, Robust
क्रूर Ferocious Cruel, Fierce Gentle, Sympathetic
अदावत Feud Strife, Quarrel Fraternity, Harmony
क्षणभंगुर Fleeting Transient, Temporary Enduring, Eternal
झीना Flimsy Trifling, Transparent Firm, Tenacious
उतार चढ़ाव Fluctuate Deflect, Vacillate Stabilize, Resolve
त्यागना Forsake Desert, Renounce Hold Maintain
नाज़ुक Fragile Weak, Infirm Enduring, Tough
उन्मत्त Frantic Violent, Agitated Subdued, Gentle
तुच्छ Frivolous Petty, Worthless Solemn, Significant
स्वल्प व्ययिता Frugality Economy, Providence Lavishness, Extravagance

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शब्द   Word Synonym Antonym
उदासी Gloom Obscurity, Darkness Delight, Mirth
भरमार Glut Stuff, Satiate Starve, Abstain
भव्य Gorgeous Magnificent,
Dull, Unpretentious
विनीत Gracious Courteous,
Rude, Unforgiving
भयानक Grisly Disgusting,
Pleasing, Attractive
असन्तोष Grudge Hatred, Aversion Benevolence, Affection
छल Guile Cunning, Deceit Honesty, Frankness
बाधा Hamper Retard, Prevent Promote, Facilitate
परेशान Harass Irritate, Molest Assist, Comfort
अभिमानी Haughty Arrogant, Pompous Humble, Submissive
जोखिम Hazard Peril, Danger Conviction, Security
विधर्मी Heretic Non-Conformist,
Conformable, Religious
भयंकर Hideous Frightful,
Attractive, Alluring
पाखंड Hypocrisy Deception,
Sincerity, Honesty
शुद्ध Immaculate Unsullied,
Defiled, Tarnished
आसन्न Imminent Impending, Brewing Distant, Receding
प्रतिरक्षा Immunity Prerogative,
Blame, Censure
ख़राब करना Impair Diminish,
Restore, Revive
निष्पक्ष Impartial Just, Unbiased Prejudiced, Biased
बाधा Impediment Hurdle,
Assistance, Concurrence
बेईमान Impious Irreligious,
Pious, Devout
मढ़ना Impute Attribute, Ascribe Exculpate, Support
झुकाव Inclination Disposition,
Disinclination, Indifference
अक्षम Incompetent Inefficient,
Dexterous, Skilled
बेमेल Incongruous Inappropriate,
Compatible, Harmonious
अपरिहार्य Inevitable Unavoidable,
Unlikely, Doubtful
उल्लंघन Infringe Violate, Encroach Comply, Concur
निष्कपट Ingenuous Undisguised, Naive Wily, Crafty
इशारा करना Insinuate Allude, Hint Conceal, Camouflage
फीका Insipid Tasteless, Vapid Delicious, Luscious
दिवालिया Insolvent Indigent,
Wealthy, Solvent
टपकाना Instil Inculcate, Inject Eradicate, Extract
जटिल Intricate Tangled,
Regulated, Orderly
स्वाभाविक Intrinsic Genuine,
Extraneous, Incidental
फटकार Invective Accusation,
Approval, Acclamation
अजेय Invincible Unconquerable,
Effeminate, Languid
सदा एकसां Irrepressible Irresistible,
Composed, Hesitant
क्लांत Jaded Tired, Exhausted Renewed, Recreated
बेसूद Jejune Dull, Boring Interesting, Exciting
उल्लासपूर्ण Jovial Frolicsome,
Solemn, Morose
उल्लसित Jubilant Rejoicing,
Melancholy, Depressing
उचित Judicious Thoughtful,
Irrational, Foolish
केवल Just Honest, Impartial Unequal, Unfair
किशोर Juvenile Young, Tender Dotage, Antiquated
इच्छुक Keen Sharp, Poignant Vapid, Insipid
चारा Lure Attract, Entice Repel, Dissuade
धूर्त Knave Dishonest,
Paragon, Innocent
भव्य Lavish Abundant,
Scarce, Deficient
उदार Lenient Compassionate,
Cruel, Severe
उत्तरदायी Liable Accountable, Bound Unaccountable, Apt To
ठहराना Linger Loiter, Prolong Hasten, Quicken
उदासीन Listless Indifferent,
Brisk, Attentive
चमकदार Lucid Sound, Rational Obscure, Hidden
पागलपन Lunacy Delusion, Insanity Normalcy, Sanity
सुस्वाद Luscious Palatable,
Unsavory, Tart
कम करना Mitigate Alleviate, Relieve Augment, Enhance
मामूली Modest Humble, Courteous Arrogant, Pompous
छेड़ना Molest Harass, Tease Console, Soothe
शमन करना Mollify Appease, Assuage Irritate, Infuriate
सब से अहम Momentous Notable, Eventful Trivial, Insignificant
नीरस Monotonous Irksome, Tedious Varied, Pleasant
उदार Munificent Liberal,
Frugal, Penurious
बदली का Murky Dusky, Dreary Bright Shining
बाग़ी Mutinous Recalcitrant,
Submissive, Faithful
आपसी Mutual Joint, Identical Separate, Distinct
लापरवाह Negligent Inattentive,
Vigilant, Careful
कंजूसी से Niggardly Miser, Covetous Generous, Profuse
तेज़ Nimble Prompt, Brisk Sluggish, Languid
बेपरवाह Nonchalant Indifferent,
Attentive, Considerate
नौसिखिए Novice Tyro, Beginner Veteran, Ingenious
हानिकारक Noxious Baneful, Injurious Healing, Profitable
उठा देना Nullify Cancel, Annual Confirm, Uphold
बहुत Numerous Profuse, Various Scarce, Deficient
रोकना Obstruct Impede, Prevent Hasten, Encourage
ज़ाहिर Obvious Evident, Apparent Obscure, Ambiguous
मनोगत Occult Latent, Ambiguous Intelligible, Transparent
घिनौना Odious Malevolent,
Engaging, Fascinating
आक्रमण Offensive Abhorrent,
Docile, Compliant
संतति Offspring Descendant,
Ancestor, Forefather
अपारदर्शी Opaque Obscure, Shady Transparent, Bright
पेशीनगोई का Oracular Cryptic, Vague Lucid, Distinct
हुक्म देना Ordain Order, Impose Revoke, Abolish
सजावटी Ornamental Decorative,
Unseemly, Plain
प्रकोप Outbreak Eruption,
Compliance, Subjection

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शब्द   Word Synonym Antonym
संतुष्ट करना Pamper Flatter, Indulge Deny, Disparage
अद्वितीय Peerless Matchless,
Mediocre, Commonplace
चिड़चिड़ा Peevish Perverse, Sullen Suave, Amiable
Pertness Pertness Flippancy,
Modesty, Diffidence
विकृत Perverse Petulant,
Complacent, Docile
शांत Placid Tranquil, Calm Turbulent, Hostile
गर्वित Pompous Haughty, Arrogant Unpretentious, Humble
अनिश्चित Precarious Doubtful, Insecure Assured, Undeniable
स्थिति Predicament Plight, Dilemma Resolution, Confidence
असामयिक Premature Precocious,
Belated, Opportune
अस्वाभाविक Prodigious Vast, Enormous Unimpressive, Diminutive
कौतुक Prodigy Miracle, Marvel Normal, Average
अपव्ययी Profligate Dissolute,
Virtuous, Upright
विपुल Profuse Lavish, Abundant Scarce, Scantly
देश से निकालना Proscribe Prohibit, Exclude Solicit, Include
बढ़ाना Protract Prolong, Delay Abbreviate, Curtail
भड़काना Provoke Inflame, Incite Pacify, Comfort
विवेकी Prudent Cautious, Discreet Impetuous, Unwise
नीमहकीम Quack Impostor, Deceiver Upright, Unfeigned
विचित्र Quaint Queer, Strange Familiar, Usual
कोरांटीन Quarantine Seclude, Screen Befriend, Socialize
वश में करना Quell Subdue, Reduce Exacerbate, Agitate
संदिग्ध Questionable Dubious,
Reliable, Authentic
वक्रोक्ति Quibble Equivocate,
Unfeign, Plain
पुष्टि करना Ratify Consent, Approve Deny, Dissent
नाश Ravage Destroy, Ruin Reconstruct, Renovate
एवज Redeem Recover, Liberate Conserve, Lose
अवशेष Remnant Residue, Piece Entire, Whole
प्रतिवाद करना Remonstrate Censure, Protest Agree, Laud
पछतावा Remorse Regret, Penitence Ruthlessness, Obduracy
रिमोट Remote Inaccessible,
Adjoining, Adjacent
रद्द कर देना Rescind Annul, Abrogate Delegate, Permit
नाराज़गी Resentment Displeasure, Wrath Content, Cheer
वापस लेना Retract Recant, Withdraw Confirm, Assert
श्रद्धा Reverence Respect, Esteem Disrespect, Affront
घोर पराजय Rout Vanquish,
Succumb, Withdraw
देहाती Rustic Rural Uncivilised Cultured, Refined
क्रूर Ruthless Remorseless,
Compassionate, Lenient
कटु Sarcastic Ironical, Derisive Courteous, Gracious
सजीव Saucy Impudent, Insolent Modest, Humble
अल्प Scanty Scarce,
Lavish, Multitude
जर्जर Shabby Miserable,
Prosperous, Thriving
चालाक Shrewd Cunning, Crafty Simple, Imbecile
बदनामी Slander Defame, Malign Applaud, Approve
उपहास Sneer Mock, Scorn Flatter, Praise
मांगना Solicit Entreat, Implore Protest, Oppose
छिटपुट Sporadic Intermittent,
Incessant, Frequent
मलिन Squalid Dirty, Filthy Tidy, Attractive
धब्बा Stain Blemish, Tarnish Honour, Purify
व्यामोह Stupor Lethargy,
Sensibility, Consciousness
आगामी Subsequent Consequent,
Preceding, Previous
ठोस Substantial Considerable,
Tenuous, Fragile
पलट देना Subvert Demolish, Sabotage Generate, Organise
सतही Superficial Partial, Shallow Profound, Discerning
चापलूस Sycophant Parasite,
Devoted, Loyal
निषेध Taboo Prohibit, Ban Permit, Consent
अल्पभाषी Taciturn Reserved, Silent Talkative, Extrovert
ग़ैरदिलचस्प Tedious Wearisome, Irksome Exhilarating, Lively
शीतोष्ण Temperate Cool, Moderate Boisterous, Violent
भीड़ Throng Assembly, Crowd Dispersion, Sparsity
डरपोक Timid Diffident, Coward Bold, Intrepid
शांत Tranquil Peaceful, Composed Violent, Furious
क्षणिक Transient Temporal,
Lasting, Enduring
तल्खी Trenchant Assertive,
Feeble, Ambiguous
तुच्छ Trivial Trifling,
Significant Veteran
उथल-पुथल Tumultuous Violent, Riotous Peaceful, Harmonious
नौसिखिए Tyro Beginner, Learner Proficient, Veteran
साया Umbrage Resentment,
Sympathy, Goodwill
गंवार Uncouth Awkward,
Elegant, Graceful
हड़पना Usurp Seize, Wrest Restore, Compensate
बिलकुल Utterly Completely,
Deficiently, Incompletely
आवारा Vagrant Wanderer, Roaming Steady, Settled
मान्य Valid Genuine, Authentic Fallacious, Deceptive
वेलर Valour Bravery, Prowess Fear, Cowardice
घमंड Vanity Conceit,
Modesty, Humility
विष Venom Poison,
Antidote, Benevolent
वयोवृद्ध Veteran Ingenious,
Novice, Tyro
शातिर Vicious Corrupt, Obnoxious Noble, Virtuous
ज़मानत देना Vouch Confirm, Consent Repudiate, Prohibit
अशिष्ट Vulgar Inelegant,
Elegant, Civil
माफ़ करें Waive Relinquish, Remove Impose, Clamp
वान Wan Pale, Faded Bright, Healthy
पतन Wane Decline, Dwindle Ameliorate, Rise
विवाह करना Wed Marry, Combine Divorce, Separate
शैतान Wicked Vicious, Immoral Virtuous, Noble
फिराना Wield Use, Employ Forgo, Avoid
हुड़कना Yearn Languish, Crave Content, Satisfy
चिल्लाना Yell Shout, Shriek Whisper, Muted
प्राप्ति Yield Surrender,
Resist, Protest
दासत्व का चिह्न Yoke Connect, Harness Liberate, Release
उत्साह Zeal Eagerness, Fervour Apathy, Lethargy
शीर्षबिंदु Zenith Summit, Apex Nadir, Base
दिलचस्पी Zest Delight,
Disgust, Passive

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