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New Delhi, The FIATA World Congress 2018 was hosted by India in New Delhi on 26th to 29th of September. Major Logistical Firms from across the world participated in the convention, the event was backed  by the Indian Government. Here are some highlights from the International Convention in 2018.

About FIATA 2018

International Federation of Freight Forwarders was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1926. It’s headquarters is currently in Geneva, Switzerland. FIATA works closely with logistical firms across the globe, and helps these firms to develop a network with each other. It also helps in creating new technology for the advancement of the logistical infrastructure to a more efficient one.

The federations has partnered with over 40,000 logistical and cargo firms across the globe and has approximately 10 Million employees in 150 countries. In 2018, India with its growing freight transportation hosted the world congress at New Delhi on 26th to 29th of September.

FIATA World Congress 2018

Highlights from FIATA World Congress 2018 India

On 26th September, the opening ceremony of FIATA was held. The convention was inaugurated by the president of FIATA which was followed by a cultural show with Indian Dance and Music performances. 1,200 participants from 130 countries came to Delhi in September to meet, network and build strong communities.

Indian initiatives like Made In India, Digital India and Skill India were talked about, as they have done a lot to contribute towards the logistical  industry. Besides this, issues that come up in communication among logistical workers due to un-monitored communicated routes. Introduction of new technology in the cargos and logistical offices to manage the activities was discussed and possible solutions for the same were also discussed.

The Chairman of the Indian Federation of Freight Forwarders, Mr. AV Vijaykumar, officially opened the Congress, thanking FIATA for this opportunity, as India was privileged to host the FIATA World Congress for the first time, after a long wait of over 50 years.

Final Words

FIATA World Congress 2018 India was a successful convention, resolutions taken at the congress are likely to continue till the new year and their success will be discussed in the 2019 FIATA World Congress.

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