Radhe Box Office Collection Overseas & Zee5 Ott Platform Collection, Hit/Flop, Worldwide earning in Indian Rupees

Radhe Box Office Collection Overseas, Salman Khan Radhe Movie Zee5 Ott Platform complete collection, Radhe Movie 16.80 Crore Collection, is Radhe Movie flop? Check out Salman Khan Radhe movie Worldwide earning in Indian Rupees.

This page discusses the Radhe Box Office and OTT Collection in India. ‘Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai,‘ starring Salman Khan, Disha Patani, and Randeep Hooda was released worldwide on May 13, 2021. While the film was launched digitally in India,

Radhe Box Office Collection
Movie NameRadhe Your Most Wanted Bhai
Till Now Box Office Collection16.81 cr
Radhe Movie Hit or FlopFlop
Worldwide Collection in Indian Rupees16.80 Crore
Zee5 OTT Radhe CollectionN/A
Overseas Box Office Collection2.3 Million USD
Radhe Movie Star CastSalman Khan, Disha Patani, and Randeep Hooda

Radhe Movie Country Wise 4 Days Collections 

Country  Collection
USA1.55 Cr or 210000 USD 
(Forbes Report)
New Zealand0.40 Cr or 55000 USD
UAE-GCC9.85 Cr or 1.35 Million USD 
Australia2.00 Cr or 270000 USD
Rest of the World1.20 Cr

OTT platform Collection & View details

DayViewsOTT Collection
1st Day4.2 MillionAvailable Soon
2nd DayUpdate soonAvailable Soon

it was given the opportunity to be released in cinemas in other countries, and it was released concurrently in theaters and on OTT on the unique occasion of Eid, so enjoy it. The film’s attraction may not have spread in India owing to the Coronavirus, but it has been severely harmed elsewhere.

Radhe has done well on the first day, from Dubai to New Zealand and Australia.Radhe Box Office Collection is being written on this page using information gathered from many sources. The film has not been released in cinemas in India due to the lockdown, but it has been released in cinemas in other countries and on both theaters and OTT platforms. The first day’s overseas revenues for the Radhe film have been announced.

Radhe Movie Box Office & OTT Collection Details :

Movie NameRadhe
StarringSalman Khan, Disha Patani, and Randeep Hooda
Release date13 May 2021

{Movie} Radhe Box Office Collection 

Salman Khan’s film Radhe was released internationally on the occasion of Eid on 13 May 2021, and it was released in cinemas and on-demand. However, due to a lock-down and a corona infection, the film was unable to make an impression at the Indian and overseas box offices, although Radhe had the highest-grossing in Dubai.

Radhe Movie Collection News

At the same time, a total of Rs 3 crore in business has been done in other nations. In terms of Australia, it made Rs 36 lakh. At the same time, Radhe’s box office collection in New Zealand on opening day was Rs 6 lakh in Indian currency. When it comes to America, there’s also the Corona illness to consider. As a result of this, Radhe made a 24-lakh-in-Indian-currency transaction there. 

Radhe Movie OTT Collection in India 

In India, the film “Radhe” was released on Zee 5, as well as Zee’s pay-per-view service Zee Plex and major DTH providers, and was launched in cinemas in the foreign market final day, to a rousing reception. From excited fans who saw the film in theaters across the world to mass bookings on streaming services, Superstar fans began viewing the film shortly after its debut, making it the most-watched film on its first day. 

Not only that, but the server went down owing to the enormous amount of log-ins; overall, the film has proven to be an Eid blockbuster, but we can’t anticipate Radhe Box Office Collection in India because it hasn’t been released yet.

Salman Khan has previously requested that his followers only view his latest film Radhe on the official platform and via the official app. Salman also encouraged fans to see the film on the official site rather than downloading it illegally. That is, do not act as though you are watching or downloading it from an illicit source, and only watch it legally.

Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai Movie Box Office Collection of Overseas

This is the first time a Salman Khan picture has been released on this day and failed to do well in Indian cinema. However, the picture was distributed in overseas cinemas from Dubai to Australia and New Zealand to the United States, and the first day of business for Radhe Overseas was mediocre.

One thing to keep in mind is that Covid 19 instances are continuing on the rise over the world. However, situations in other nations are marginally better than in India, where the second wave has wreaked devastation. Radhe did business in Gulf nations for roughly Rs 3 crore on the first day, with the greatest earnings coming from Dubai cinemas. Radhe Box Office Collection for the First Day is listed below:

New ZealandRs 5.89 Lakh
AustraliaRs 35.77 Lakh

Radhe First Day Collection 

The film performed well on its opening day in Australia as well, with ‘Radhe’ grossing over 36 lakh rupees. Similarly, it earned Rs 5.90 lakh in Indian currency on the first day in New Zealand. Because of the corona, many in the United States are still unable to leave their houses.

On its first day in theaters in the United States, ‘Radhe’ grossed Rs 24 lakh. With the growing incidents of the corona, fans in India and abroad found it more convenient to watch ‘Radhe’ from home. On its first day in theaters in the United States, ‘Radhe’ grossed Rs 24 lakh. With the growing incidents of the corona, fans in India and abroad found it more convenient to watch ‘Radhe’ from home.

Radhe Total Collection Till Today 

Day 1580,000$  [Rs. 4.25 crore]
Day 2600,000$ [Rs. 4.39 crore]
Day 3600,000$ [Rs. 4.39 crore]
Total13.03 crores

Frequently Asked Questions for Radhe Movie

On which day ‘Radhe: Your most wanted bhai’ was released?

On 13 May 2021 ‘Radhe: Your most wanted bhai’ was released across the world but in India, it was not released in theaters but still, you can watch it on ZEE5

What about Radhe Box Office collection status?

The film Radhe, starring Salman Khan, was launched alongside the Zee mobile app and major DTH providers. It was also released in cinemas across the world, including the United States and Dubai, where the crowd reacted well. From cinema enthusiasts in theaters across the world to mass viewing on streaming platforms, the picture became the most watched on its first day of release, and it has since proven to be a blockbuster.

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