What is Aadhar Virtual ID?

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After the many complaints of fraud and misuses of Aadhar number, UIDAI introduced 16 digit numbers which are known as Aadhar Virtual ID. Aadhar Virtual ID improves the security of people by any fraud. UIDAI has introduced VID feature on Tuesday 3rd April 2018. It is a 16 digit randomly shared number that people can share instead of their Aadhar Number. Chief Executive Officer of UIDAI Mr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey told a famous news channel that Aadhar Virtual ID is a pseudo Aadhar number and it gives people an option to generate a random number from a mobile application or by the official website of Unique Identification Authority.

Aadhar Virtual ID

Virtual Id is like a deceit Aadhar Number. If you go somewhere and you need to prove your identification then you give your Aadhar number. Even for online verification, we have to provide an Aadhar number. Aadhar Virtual ID added a new security layer to your privacy. Now you don’t need to provide your Aadhar number. You can use this id wherever you have to prove your authentication. This is like Aadhar 2.0 and it can be changed any number of times.


Security is something where one has to be sensitive and conscious of the current challenges. Mr. Pandey said that we have discussed this plan already in 2010 when we were launching Aadhar Number. And that time we felt that we should first give Aadhar Number and after that, we will decide how it plays out. According to Mr. Pandey after few years we will start linking Aadhar number with various database and that time Privacy concern may be raised. So this is the right time to introduced Aadhar Virtual ID.

Advantages of Aadhar Virtual ID

Aadhar Virtual Id is very useful for security purpose. For example, if you go to buy a SIM card and you need to verify your Aadhar number to get the SIM card or you go to a bank to verify your account then you don’t need to provide your Aadhar Number. From now you can provide them your Virtual Aadhar Number and UIDAI will verify your Virtual Aadhar ID to your Aadhar number and fingerprints automatically. Aadhar Virtual number is an additional security layer and it is a number which can be changed multiple times. This is the biggest innovation since Aadhar was launched. It ensures that the agency which asks for authentication will not get your Aadhar Number.

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